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Kevin Keller Releases "The Front Porch Of Heaven"

The title of Kevin Keller’s latest album sounds like a Clifford Simak novel. Inspired by Keller’s recent heart surgery, which included being on life support while having his heart deliberately stopped during the operation, the music seems made to soothe us in our moments of anxiety even as it explores that anxiety.

Critics Praise "The Front Porch Of Heaven" "...a lush display of timeless melody and boundless beauty." - Tom Haugen/Take Effect Reviews "...sheer beauty and elegance...features the finest melody Keller has composed in his career." - Thaddeus Wert/Progarchy " moving as it is inspirational."

- Richie Frieman/Penns Eye View "... inexplicably beautiful perfection...goes even deeper emotionally and gets to the heart of the composer behind the sonic splendor."

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