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The monitoring environment of a mastering room is what sets this profession apart from other audio specialties. In addition to absorption and diffusion within the physical space, every element of the listening signal chain is chosen for maximum transparency and dead-on accuracy. The analog signal processing path is designed to be minimalistic, surgical, and purpose-driven. The combination of all these elements is required to consistently deliver jaw-dropping masters, free of errors and oversights. A great engineer helps too.


 Mutec MC3+USB

Master Clock

Lavry Blue 4496

Primary I/O Converters

Grace m905

Monitoring Controller, Alternate DAC

Apogee Symphony

AES Routing, Alternate Converters

Pass Labs x350.5 Amplifier

Class AB Sonic Reinforcement

Cardas Clear Reflection

Speaker Power/Signal Transfer Cable

Revel Ultima2 Salon2: Incredibly Accurate Speakers

Genelec 8040A

Studio Monitors


Manley Vari-MU

Tube Limiter

Dangerous S&M

Mid/Side Matrix, Width Control

Maselec MEA-2

Transparent Solid State Equalizer

Maselec MLA-2

Transparent Solid State Compressor

API 5500

High Current Equalizer

API 2500

VCA Compressor

Manley Massive Passive

Tube Equalizer

Auxiliary Outboard

Manley VoxBox

De-Esser, Pultec EQ

Empirical Labs Stereo Distressor

Auxiliary Compressor/Limiter

Digital Processing By

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